Help - I Don't Know What Kind of Scoliosis I Have

If you know or suspect you have a scoliosis but you have never been assessed, you absolutely need to be. Maybe you were assessed when you were a teenager but it has been years, perhaps decades, since your last x-ray.

I say this with much experience of scoliosis, including my own: Until the day I had an x-ray taken of my spine, I never fully understood my body shape and made little progress with my exercise routines. Don't make this mistake.

It is crucial that you acquire x-ray information about your scoliosis before progressing through this course. It may mean delaying the course for another couple weeks, but you have access to this course for life, so another couple weeks is well worth your time.

You have likely suffered the discomfort and insecurity of your scoliosis for years and probably even decades; so another two weeks to gain a clear diagnosis, is the best investment of time you could possibly make for your long-term health and well-being.

Armed with the information your x-ray will provide - thus understanding where in the spine your curves are located, which direction they face (right or left) and the size of the curvature (in degrees), you will choose the exercises in this course that are tailor fit to your unique body shape.

The course is designed for those of you who have this knowledge, so that the structural exercises you choose, ultimately help you to ease your pain, slow the scoliosis progression and improve your appearance.

Go now to the lecture titled: Choosing a Pracititoner, to find out where to get your x-ray. Message me from within this lecture, if you have any further questions.

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