Pelvic Tilts - exercise 1

The pelvic tilt is the orientation of the pelvis in respect to the thigh bones. It can tilt forward (anterior tilt) giving us a sway back appearance; it can tilt backward (posterior tilt) giving us a flat back appearance (often with a flat bottom as well), and it can also tilt left and right.

People who slouch when they sit, tend to flatten their ideal spinal curve. People who perch forward, and/or have weak abdominals, often sit with a sway back. Whatever bad habits you have developed from sitting for prolonged periods, the seated pelvic tilt will remind you to pay more attention to your pelvic alignment throughout the day.

Tip: Use the arm rests to lift your body slightly off the chair while you perform this exercise. Bonus - you will strengthen your tricep arm muscles at the same time!

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