Balance Training Exercises

Better balance, brain-challenging motor skill's development and increased strength.

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Dianne Horvath

Very simple to follow and encouraging.


Joan Kimball

I am always looking for simple ways to improve, and this series seems to do the trick.


Ying Shiang, Tan

The exercises are fun, with regular practice will sure to improve balance.


Rainer W

Paula is a wonderful teacher and presenter. The materials is great and offered in a very motivating way. Very convincing stuff! thank you so much Paula

Most people don't spend any time thinking about their balance until it's too late - when they actually fall or injure themselves. But balance isn't just a concern for the elderly who are more prone to falls (and the serious complications those falls can cause). Balance training is important for health-conscious pupils who wish to age well, avoid falls, improve athletic ability, coordination, stamina and overall fitness and health.

If you haven't thought much about maintaining - or improving - your balance, now is a good time to start. Most of the exercises I've put together in this course involve activities to improve balance. Balance is a component of health that you must never overlook; without it, all of the weight training and exercise in the world won’t help you.

In order to have good balance, you rely on the information given to your brain from three main body systems: your ears, the nerve endings in your muscles, and your eyes (vision).

As children, we develop balance climbing trees, walking and running on unsteady surfaces, sports, games etc. As adults, we seldom think about balance and rarely practice it. When was the last time you climbed a jungle gym, walked over a log or trying to balance on one leg with your eyes closed? We do all of this and much much more in the course.

Your sense of vision is a big part of good balance. Vision works hand in hand with the inner ear to maintain balance. If you move your eyes or take vision out of the equation altogether, it's harder to balance. You might be surprised how challenging it is to simply stand with your eyes closed. We play a lot with removing vision during some of the more advanced exercises in this course.

By using the balance techniques in this course, you will start to really pay attention to your body as you exercise, and should notice improvements in your balance, coordination, POSTURE, core strength, agility and athletic skill. You even burn more calories during balance training! These exercises can be used to build confidence when you are trying new fitness programs and taken with you as you age to help prevent spills and falls.

Balance training is good for people of every age, so don't be afraid to start incorporating these exercises into your daily workouts. Everyone can benefit from the exercises in this course, and it's a really fun course; so you may not even notice that you are exercising!

Course Goals

  • improve balance
  • enhance coordination
  • get better posture
  • improve core strength
  • boost agility
  • develop athletic skill

Who Should Take This Course?

  • balance training is for health conscious individuals looking to improve coordination, agility, strength and overall confidence
  • balance training is for individuals who want to address balance years before it becomes an issue
  • balance training is for anyone who has suffered vertigo or dizziness
  • balance training is essential for athletes wishing to get a competitive advantage
  • balance training helps prevent falls during aging
  • balance training is an essential element of good posture

What Do Students Need to Know Before Starting the Course?

  • Course is suitable for beginners
  • Course isn't suitable for anyone with osteoporosis
  • A Hacky Sack or small bean bag is needed (buy from Amazon or toy store)
  • Some of the exercises are best performed outdoors
  • Comfortable clothing should be worn for most exercises

Your Instructor

Dr Paula Moore
Dr Paula Moore

Top-Rated Instructor, 250,000+ Students

At Master Your Posture, we're committed to helping you improve your posture and your health. With over 250,000 enrolled students in 90+ countries worldwide, you'll join an activity community of posture pupils dedicated to feeling their best.

Dr. Paula Moore is the founding posture doctor behind Posture Videos. She left a successful career as a Chiropractor to share her posture tips and advice online, and her videos have become a go-to resource for people around the world.

With her expert guidance, you'll learn everything you need to know about improving your posture and feeling your best.

As a posture doctor and online educator, Dr. Paula Moore is passionate about helping people improve their posture and transform their lives.

She believes that good posture is essential for optimal health and well-being, and she loves nothing more than seeing her patients stand tall and feel their best.

Whether she's working with someone in person or through one of her online courses, Paula is always full of enthusiasm and encouragement, helping her patients to overcome their challenges and achieve their goals.

She is committed to providing the highest quality care and guidance to all of her patients, and she takes great pride in the difference she has made in the lives of thousands of people worldwide.

Course Curriculum

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